Shopping for life insurance is more than just comparing prices! Our experienced professionals will assess your specific needs, and make recommendations that meet your insurance objectives. See what our customers say about our on-line insurance service:

“Michael Gray, Jr.of MEG Financial assisted our firm in procuring policies for our key employees. He was knowledgeable about the market, thorough, persistent and utterly professional in dealing with our challenging underwriting issues. We are completely satisfied with the results of MEG Financial.”

Sue Lamb, Administrator
Owens & Turner, P.C. Alaska

“MEG Financial helped me obtain quality life and disability insurance policies at affordable prices. Their service oriented approach made purchasing insurance simple and informative.”

Clarence Jackson, Principal
Demopolis Middle School, Alabama

 “With MEG Financial’s expertise, I was able to purchase $900,000 of coverage guaranteed for 20 years from a nationally recognized insurance company, for only slightly more than I was paying for $400,000 of insurance that was increasing annually. I am delighted with the work they did for me and urge you to consider their services.”

Terry B., VP of Sales

“I am a retired Marine and senior citizen over 65, and needed more life insurance. MEG Financial exceeded all my expectations in helping me obtain a competitive life insurance policy. They were able to secure very low rates from a well-known insurance company within a reasonable time. Their staff went out of their way helping me in setting up the military allotment. They also provided recommendations for my existing insurance policies that enabled me to take advantage of policy options that I was not aware of. MEG Financial really went above and beyond to make sure that all my life insurance needs were met. I would thoroughly recommend MEG Financial to anyone that has questions about their current policies or is shopping for life insurance.”

Stan Manship
North Carolina

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