Happy New Year and we hope that this next year will be your best ever! At the end of every year, it is a common practice for each of us to make resolutions for the upcoming year. These “promises to ourselves” may be to change some negative habit or to begin different routines in.. More

Sadly, on December 20, 2011, two senior executives at Greenhill & Co., Inc. (NYSE:GHL) , a leading independent investment bank with offices worldwide, were tragically killed when their small plane crashed in New Jersey. Among those that died were the wife and 2 children of one of the executives. Our condolences and thoughts and prayers go out to their families and co-workers.

Key man insurance is vital to any company that depends upon one or more key people for its revenue and ultimate earnings. Many companies realize the importance of  insuring their top contributors and hopefully your business has key man insurance in place. If so that’s great but do you have the policy that provides the.. More

Accidental Death Insurance Will Not Protect Your Business Adequately

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Occasionally, when working with a business owner or prospective business owner, we get a request for an accidental death and dismemberment policy to protect their business. In many of these cases they have been advised to buy key man insurance by their attorney or banker and are shopping for the best deal. In an effort.. More

What is the Difference Between Disability Insurance and Key Man Disability Insurance?

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Disability insurance is a foundational risk management strategy that is often overlooked by both individuals and businesses. It is well known and widely accepted by most people that the risk of disability for most of us is significantly greater than death. While both individual disability and key person disability are vitally important, they are not.. More

Key Man Insurance for Pastors and Churches

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This is a real life key man insurance case that we worked at MEG Financial.  The names of the insured and Church have been changed to protect their identities. We routinely receive key man insurance inquiries and requests on our website from Pastors, Ministers and Church Leaders throughout the country. In most cases, the Church.. More

The Importance of Key Man Insurance for Business Continuation Planning

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This is an actual case that we worked on at MEG Financial and is a dramatic and real life illustration of the importance of key man insurance. Earlier this year, we worked with a company, XYZ Incorporated, located in Maine.  We received a call from one of the two prinicpal owners, Richard. He and his.. More

Getting Key Man Insurance If You Have a Health Problem

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This is a real life key man life insurance case that we worked on at MEG Financial. The names have been changes to protect the identity of the individual and the company. Scenario: Gregory French, a business owner in Louisiana contacted us seeking $1,755,000 of key man life insurance to cover a loan his company.. More

Buy-Sell Agreement Funded with Life Insurance- Cross Purchase Plan

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This is an actual example of a business succession planning case that we completed at MEG Financial. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the actual company and its owners. The business owners of ABC, Inc., an international trading company in Miami, FL contacted our office with questions regarding how to fund.. More

What is Dead Peasants Insurance?

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Dead peasant insurance is a slang term used to describe life insurance policies purchased by businesses on the lives of their ordinary employees for the express benefit of the company.  In some cases, corporations have purchased these policies on the lives of their employees without their knowledge or consent. Dead peasant life insurance has led.. More