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At MEG Financial, our objective is to help you secure the optimum policy at the absolute best value. Part of our commitment includes providing the critical information needed to obtain the best results. Each stage in the process of applying for key person life or disability insurance is described below. The Complete Process of Applying.. More

 Key Person Definition Simply put, a key employee or key person is someone who is vital to your company and not easily replaceable. Key person insurance is there to protect the business from the sudden, unexpected loss of your key employee. There are many scenarios where key employee life insurance is an integral piece of.. More

Our key man insurance underwriting guide can provide the criteria insurance companies use to determine your health class. Because each company has its own specific underwriting guidelines, the choice of insurance policies will be affected by the way each respective company evaluates your health. This guide will help you understand how to qualify for key.. More

A popular question we get from our clients is in regards to what key man insurance companies we use. As one of the many resources we have available to you, below you’ll find a list of many of the carriers we quote. Key Man Insurance Companies We Can Use It should be noted, while this is.. More