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A stock redemption or entity buy-sell agreement is a binding agreement that is implemented by the owner’s of a business to facilitate the orderly transition of a business interest in the event of the death, disability or retirement of a business owner. With a stock redemption plan, the company agrees to purchase the interest of.. More

A wait-and-see buy-sell agreement is a hybrid agreement implemented by the owners of a business to facilitate the orderly transition of a business interest in the event of the death, disability, or retirement of an owner. With a wait-and-see plan, the business owners delay the selection of an entity plan or cross-purchase buy-sell plan until.. More

Similar to non qualified deferred compensation plans, a salary continuation plan is designed to provide supplemental future benefits to selected key executives. These are often used to buffer existing benefits, or add new ones for key employees. What is a Non Qualified Salary Continuation Plan? Salary continuation plans are implemented by companies to provide additional.. More

For many businesses, their most important assets are their key employees and executives. One way your company can retain and attract top people is to reward them with additional executive compensation. A supplemental executive retirement plan (SERP) is a viable option to provide these coveted key executive benefits. Is A Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP).. More

Are you taking advantage of the strategies available to reward your key employees and executives? Have you considered the thought of a top sales person or manger leaving your firm to accept a better offer elsewhere? Successful companies understand the importance of rewarding their key employees, and using a key man life insurance policy is.. More

Business owner life insurance policies have long been a valuable tool for which small and large businesses use to reduce risk and to provide the basic financial foundation for continued success. Most business owners recognize the importance of life insurance and use it to solve many of the problems associated with maintaining and growing a.. More

In addition to life and disability insurance, companies have several options available to cover the costs of replacing a key employee, executive or owner in the event of a disability, death or retirement. There are key man life insurance alternatives, should a traditional life insurance policy not meet your exact needs. The following list describes.. More

Key employee insurance is usually purchased on one or more key people in a business to protect the business from the economic loss associated with an untimely death. The company buys the insurance to cover the life of the key person and is also the policy beneficiary. In the event the key employee dies, the.. More

When considering key person insurance, the first step for any business is to determine the company’s reason for buying the policy. Once the actual purpose of the insurance is established, the correct type of coverage can be identified. The 3 basic types of life insurance used to fund key person insurance include term life, universal.. More

As a business owner, CEO or CFO, you know it’s simply not good business to fail to plan ahead. The real truth is that many small businesses or partnerships depend upon just one or two individuals for their ultimate success. For most of these companies, the untimely death of one of these “key” people can.. More