Key Man Disability Insurance

Key man disability insurance is a risk management strategy that can protect any business from a disabling illness or injury to a key employee or executive.  If your business relies heavily on one or two people, one accident can change the prospects of your company overnight! Key-person disability insurance is a cost-effective solution to hedging this risk.

What is Key Man Disability Insurance?

There are several different types of disability policies available to businesses and business owners. Each policy is designed to meet a specific need. The most common disability policies for businesses include executive disability income insurance, key man disability, disability buy-out insurance and business overhead expense coverage.

  • Executive Disability Income Insurance
  • Key Man Disability
  • Disability Buy-Out Insurance
  • Business Overhead Expense

Executive or Individual Disability Insurance

A personal disability policy is a smart solution to protecting your ability to earn an income. Disability income policies are commonly purchased by business owners, physicians, attorneys and other professionals to provide income in the event they become disabled and are unable to work. They are different than a key man life insurance policy because they provide income, not a death benefit, and the income stream can be somewhat defined.

Executive disability policies declare a stated monthly benefit payable in the event of a disability and there is a “waiting period” that must be satisfied prior to benefits being paid. Once the waiting period has been satisfied, monthly benefits are paid to the individual as long as he or she is disabled subject to the benefit period set forth in the policy. With most policies, the benefit periods are 5 years or to age 65.

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Key Man Disability

Key man disability insurance is important for businesses that depend on a few key people for its success. It is custom designed to protect the business in the unfortunate event that a key employee suffers a disabling accident, injury or illness. If a disability strikes, the policy will pay a stated monthly benefit for usually a 2 to 3 year period. It provides peace of mind to companies and business owners alike knowing that the business can continue operations without major disruption if a top salesperson, executive or key employee is disabled. Learn More about Keyman Disability Insurance…

Disability Buy-Out Insurance

Disability buy-out or disability buy-sell insurance is the best way to protect the business in the event that an owner becomes permanently disabled. It is purchased on the life of each business owner or partner so that if one becomes disabled funds will be available to purchase their respective share in the company. Disability buy-out insurance should be included in any properly funded business continuation plan.

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

If a business owner becomes disabled due to injury or sickness, there will not only be a personal loss of income but there will likely be significant consequences to the company. Business expenses and operations costs will not stop when a disability strikes a business principal. Business overhead expense (BOE) insurance is designed to reimburse the company for certain business expenses if the business owner is disabled. Covered expenses may include utilities, leased equipment, rent, office supplies, non-owner salaries, rent, most insurance premiums and furniture and other business equipment. Learn More about business overhead expense Insurance…