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Business owners make lots of common mistakes when buying key man insurance, but usually only because they missed a simple little item throughout the extensive process. When buying a key man insurance policy, there are certain mistakes that you must avoid if you are to obtain the best coverage. Below is a list of the.. More

At MEG Financial, our objective is to help you secure the optimum policy at the absolute best value. Part of our commitment includes providing the critical information needed to obtain the best results. Each stage in the process of applying for key person life or disability insurance is described below. The Complete Process of Applying.. More

In many cases it is hard to put an exact monetary value on how important a key person is to a given business. Valuing a key employee is an important first step to getting the right plan in place. Most of the requests we receive are based on the amount of funds being borrowed by.. More

Our key man insurance underwriting guide can provide the criteria insurance companies use to determine your health class. Because each company has their own specific underwriting guidelines, the choice of insurance policies will be affected by the way each respective company evaluates your health. This guide will help your from a medical standpoint. You should.. More

A popular question we get from our clients is in regards to what key man insurance companies we use. As one of the many resources we have available to you, below you’ll find a list of many of the carriers we quote. Key Man Insurance Companies We Can Use It should be noted, while this is.. More

A cross-purchase buy-sell agreement is a written and binding agreement wherein each business partner or shareholder individually agrees to purchase the interest of a partner/owner if one of the conditions that triggers the agreement occurs. Triggering events generally include the death, disability or retirement of a business owner or otherwise sale of a shareholder’s interest… More

Business owner life insurance policies have long been a valuable tool for which small and large businesses use to reduce risk and to provide the basic financial foundation for continued success. Most business owners recognize the importance of life insurance and use it to solve many of the problems associated with maintaining and growing a.. More

In addition to life and disability insurance, companies have several options available to cover the costs of replacing a key employee, executive or owner in the event of a disability, death or retirement. There are key man life insurance alternatives, should a traditional life insurance policy not meet your exact needs. The following list describes.. More

Prudent business owners know the importance of thorough business planning and the impact that the death or disability of a principal owner could have on the future operations of any company. Disability buy-out or disability buy-sell insurance is the best way to protect the business in the event that an owner becomes permanently disabled. What.. More

Key employee insurance is usually purchased on one or more key people in a business to protect the business from the economic loss associated with an untimely death. The company buys the insurance to cover the life of the key person and is also the policy beneficiary. In the event the key employee dies, the.. More